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I wanted to write a short, yet helpful, article for business owners and entrepreneurs about the importance of having a website for their business. It may seem like an obvious point to make, however, I continue to meet business owners who either have an outdated website or none at all. This is crazy if you think about where you spend the majority of your time — ONLINE!

With smartphones in our pockets 24/7, internet connection everywhere we go, and attention spans of near zero seconds, you have to expect that your customers will try to find you online first. They will type in a quick search on either Google or Facebook (or the latest social media platform), and if you don’t appear then that is about where the chances of your business ever seeing them as a customer will end.

To keep this short and sweet, let me jump straight into a list of 5 key reasons why having a website for your business or brand is important:

Get found. (I don’t even have to say “get found online”, as the online part is just assumed these days). Your customers are looking for you or your services, and to get found you have to be online. At a minimum your website is your shop front these days. “What’s the Yellow Pages grandpa?”

Credibility. If you don’t exist online, you simply don’t exist. It is often as simple as that. Potential customers want to check you out, just like they would peer into your shop front if you had one. If it looks good, they are a step closer to maybe buying something.

Make income (sell your products). It is so simple these days to setup an online shop (e-commerce website). You can list your product information, photos, pricing and allow customers to purchase online right then and there (i.e. they are sitting in their home or on the bus). This could be significant income you are missing out on by not even being an option for them to consider.

Capture leads. You can get savvy with your website quite easily these days (without having to hire tech peeps to help you out). Having a free giveaway available on your site (like a “how to” e-book) that is helpful to your potential customers is a great way to demonstrate your expertise, while at the same time collecting potential customers’ email address’ that you can follow up on later.

Contact information. You may simply want a place for customers to easily find your contact details, address, opening hours, product specifications, or any other important information that helps them connect with your business 24/7/365.

There are many compelling reasons why you should have an online presence in today’s internet driven economy. It really isn’t as daunting or as expensive as you may think to get a decent looking website up online. The level of sophistication and design can vary, which ultimately drives the cost, but there is literally an option for every budget and requirement out there.

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